Mini Feed Barge

The standard configuration is designed with 2 independent feeding lines with 6 outputs of 75mm outside diameter each for a total of 12 fish cages with a maximum dosage of 50Kg/min. 

  • Silos: 4 units of 11m3 volume (approximately 35 Tons)
  • Selectors: 2 frames of 8 75mm diameter outlets          
  • Blowers: 2 units of 15kW           
  • Feeding Rate: from 25 Kg/min          
  • Barge Size: 15m beam x 4.5m width  
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Mini Feed Barge for Small and Medium Size Aquaculture Farms in the Sea and Lakes

In a market where major manufacturers build feed barges for aquaculture ranging from 96 Tons to 850 Tons, unique global manufacturer of specialized aquaculture feed systems, has designed and built for the global market this small, automatic, intelligent and autonomous aquaculture feed barge.

With this innovative design, we offer small and medium sized fish farms, whether in the sea or in lakes, the possibility of centralized and automatic feeding of their cages with an affordable investment that can be returned in a short period of time 

The Mini Feed Barge is an affordable solution for small and medium sized farms that overcomes the drawbacks of the workboat by providing the advantages of a standard aquaculture feed barge.

Dimensions and weight of the Mini Feed Barge

With an approximate weight of 25 Tons and 15 meters beam by 4 meters length, FishFarmFeeder wants to make this technology accessible to small sea and lake fish farms, which cannot afford today's centralized sea or lake feeding systems due to size and price.


This feeding boat has the additional advantage of being transportable by road, as it complies with the width and length measurements established for this type of transport, which will allow us to reach not only any place in the world by sea but also by land.

Storage Silos Of The Feed Barge  

Our design allows the use and mixing of feed from any silo to be sent to any cage, allowing the feeding of different sized fish with different types of pellets in the fish farm.

Tailor Made Construction and Design Feed Barge 

As well as the whole catalogue of feeders, gives the option of customising the feed barge for sea or lake fish farms in all those parameters that concern feeding, which allows fish farmers to adapt the manufacture of the barge to their needs. .

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