Wastewater treatment

The main purpose is to reuse water after washing nets in washing machines.
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All the waste water from the washing machines will be screened with a rotating drum screen. This means that all sea shells and solids larger than 3 mm in diameter will be removed. Then the waste water enters the oil trap, and then into the comparative pool. In the equalization pool, continuous mixing takes place using a diffuse system to prevent sedimentation.

The chemical treatment system will be built as a complex of steel. It will be placed on the platform and will work automatically. Components and equipment are listed below:
  • Rotary drum screen
  • Tank for removal of oil and soil
  • The surge pool and pump station
  • Equalization pool blower
  • Aeration and dispersion system
  • Sewage lifting pumps
  • Coagulation and pH regulator
  • Mixer for preparation of chemicals
  • Chemical dosing pumps
  • Flocculation tank
  • Circulation tank for flocculation
  • Plastic cleaner
  • PH control system
  • Filter press
  • Coagulation tank
  • Coagulation tank-mixer
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